Unit 2 #Primary – Networks


I am beginning my journey with cyber safety and awareness.  I am currently working in a year 1 classroom. At the end of last term the students made their own computers (they also made iPad’s), we labelled them and we have been identifying peripheral devices within the classroom. When making their iPad they included Apps that they currently using.  The class is also learning where letters are on a keyboard and they love keyboard bingo. Moving forward ideas to investigate in Term 3:

Is it connected to a network:

  • looking at wireless -teacher’s mouse, sphero’s, blue bots etc
  • WiFi – within the classroom and school – iPad’s, laptops in the library
  • wired – mouse, class computers
  • not connected – bee bots
  • I like the idea of the wool and passing it around the classroom – could link this to emails going out to other teachers/classes (I spoke with my DP and the class is going to send an email to her and receive one back)

The class has enjoyed what we have done so far so I’m looking forward to investigating these ideas with the students.

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