Introducing Networks – Unit 2 #Primary

Two activities that I have used in regards to helping student appreciate networks are paper blogs and mapping the internet.

Paper Blogs

Students use the a template to create a paper blog post. They then post it on the World Wide Whiteboard.

Paper Blog inspired by Bianca Hewes

Students then walk around the room and read the posts leaving various data traces, such as:

  • Tick to mark they had read the post.
  • Star if they liked the post.
  • Sticky Note with a comment

This was adapted from the work of Bianca Hewes.

Mapping the Internet

In response to Marc Prensky published two articles in 2001 in which he coined the terms digital native and digital immigrant, David White and Alison Le Cornu offer a more fluid typology with their notion of digital visitor and resident.

When in Visitor mode, individuals decide on the task they wish to undertake. For example, discovering a particular piece of information online, completing the task and then going offline or moving on to another task.

Where as:

When in Resident mode the individual is going online to connect to, or to be with, other people. This mode is about social presence.

Students are given a copy of the the map of the internet and are asked to plot the various spaces they exist in online and where they sit along the continuum.

“Mapping the Internet” by mrkrndvs is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA

This is activity is useful for thinking about the networks they are a part of and the way in which their data is spread across the web.

Thinking about this activity now, it is interesting to consider this in regards to cyber awareness and what data we share even when we are just ‘visiting’.



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