Unit 2 – Private vs Public information

I have used this game before with Grade 5/6 students to start discussions about private and public information – https://www.digitalpassport.org/share-jumper.html. From there, students talked about then created their own physical version of the game in the classroom with options for others to jump to.

I found it a useful way to discuss with them how to rethink what they wanted to share and then choose whether to reword or just not post. I found, with this age group, they know all the ‘right answers’ to give in class but then think they know better once they get home and on their social media. Acknowledging that there are things they’ll want to share but talking through potential consequences and possible other ways helped them be more honest and open about their social media habits.


Image: “Out of Information” by cogdogblog is licensed under CC BY 2.0



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