unit 4

A lesson I found to create Powerful passwords

Create: Power Up Your Password

10 mins.


Say: The consequences we just talked about might seem scary. But there is something you can do to make sure no one can ever guess your password. Here are some important steps to power up your password.


Distribute and project the Power Up Your Password Student Handout. Say: One way to make a strong password is to start with a memorable phrase. A phrase is a group of words that go together and are easy to remember. We’re going to do a practice round together using the phrase “There’s no way I’m kissing a frog.” So we’ve already completed step one, which is to come up with a phrase. (Slide 7)


Invite a student to read step two. Ask: What word would our example phrase make? Invite a student to answer and add “tnwikaf” on the projected handout.


Repeat steps three through five: reading the step aloud, calling on students to answer, and completing the “Practice Round” section of the handout. Student answers will vary as students will choose to capitalize different letters and insert different numbers. If necessary, clarify that students can insert numbers anywhere in the password.


Say: Now you will follow these steps to come up with a password of your own. Work independently to complete the “Your Turn” section of the handout. Allow students five minutes to complete the handout.


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