Task 2: Cyber Security, Awareness, & Safety

Cyber Security refers to the practice of protecting technologies (computer, network, data, etc) from digital attacks. Cyber Awareness refers to the knowledge of awareness and behaviour that will help in protecting digital assets. Lastly, Cyber Safety refers to safe usage of information communication technology.

In my time as a PST for a Yr6 class, I’ve yet to see any technology lesson touching upon the three. It is to my belief that the school does teach the topic at some point and I’ve simply missed it.

In my opinion, lesson on the three should be done at least once per term as well peppered throughout the school years. I believe that by recapping the need for Cyber Security, Awareness, and Safety, students would hopefully develop practices of the three as ingrained habits. Furthermore, I believe that the three should be taught together, since they have many overlap and achieving safe and responsible participation in the digital era requires learners to understand and apply all of them

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