Differences between Cyber security, awareness and safety.

Even though Cyber security, awareness and safety are all interconnected, they do have thier differences.

Cyber awareness is about gaining and having the knowledge needed to protect your information. This is done through education and policies and helps develop the attitudes and behaviours that are needed to provide safe use of this digital technology. This could include the use of good passwords and being aware of what is personal and private information.

Cyber security builds on our Cyber awareness. When we are aware of how our data can be accessed by outside users its important to do everything we can to protect our information while using ICT. It’s the practice of using software like anitviruses and firewalls, to protect our data and programs from digital attacks.

Cyber safety, is all about us and how we as ICT users act in acoordance to policies and the code of ethics. It includes understadning the digital footprint that is created with every detail that we post about and being an all round good citizen and respecting others when interacting and in the online spaces.


I feel all three of these aspects should be taught within the class room, to students as young as early primary. I haven’t come across a child yet that hasn’t got some sort of connection to the internet, whether it’s researching using google or playing a game through an app. There are many dangers out there, watiting and watching for vulnerable, uneducated children to prey upon and it’s our job as teachers (anbd parents) to make sure that our students are safe when they are online.


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