Unit 2

Task 2

  1. The key differences between cyber security, cyber awareness and cyber safety are that cyber security focuses on protecting information, it protects networks, computers, cloud applications, and data from cyber-attacks. Cyber safety focuses on people, making sure they are collaborating online safely and responsibly and Cyber awareness is about gaining knowledge combining attitudes and behaviour that serve to protect our information assets, for example, creating strong passwords. I think it’s super important to be teaching these concepts as students are having access and being exposed to the internet and technology at such an early age. Students need to be educated on the risks associated with technology as we are living in a growing technological world.
  2. I’ve never taught the concept in terms of technology before however during girls groups that I have run we have used a ball of string to connect students via their likes and dislikes to show how even though everyone is different they can be connected by multiple similarities. This could be a way to introduce networks in primary school as essentially a network is consists of two or more things, or objects, sharing resources and information. This same concept could be applied with the idea of a wired network creating multiple paths both direct and indirectly.
  3. There are multiple resources on the below link for a variety of videos for introducing exploring private and public information sharing to primary students.



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