Task 2

Cyber security is about protection. it means making sure the networks, computers and programs are secure. Cyber awareness means being aware of the danger of sharing information. It is about knowing that whatever is posted or shared on the internet will forever live a trace. Sharing data online is permanent.

Cyber safety is knowing how to be safe online. Knowing how to be responsible and careful with the information shared.

I believe it is important to teach about cyber security, awareness and safety in the classroom. Most children should be taught at home, however some adults are not aware of the danger of the internet. Cyber security is important because it teaches children than anything shared on the internet will leave a permanent mark and that you need to be careful when sharing private information. Children need to know from a young age that sharing personal information online is very dangerous.

It needs to be taught at school as students use internet for some learning activities and it is the school responsibility to make sure students know the rules when it comes to sharing data on the internet.

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