Leaving traces of information

With the growing reliance on digital technologies throughout our days, we are increasing the possibilities of a personal information getting out there for all the world to see.

Traces of information are left the moment you log into any form of digital activity. While scrawling through the internet or doing online shopping, your history browser will track each and every page that you have visited, giving any hacker an insight into what you are interested in and what purchases may be heading your way. How many people like to repeatedly put in information like passwords and credit card details to sites that they access frequently? By saving your password or card details you are saving yourself time, but also you are allowing access to all your private information concealed within these sites if your computer was to become hacked.

Each time you leave the house your GPS tracker will track you on your travels, allowing people to “Check-in” at certain destinations during their day. This information is making the community aware that you are either not at your residence during set times and where you spend most of your days. Ever wondered why you see advertisements on social media relating to a holiday destination you previously looked at, or clothes specials from your favourite store, this is because of the internet records and tracks your every move, from the moment you turn it on.

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