Unit 2 – Task 1

With the dramatic increase in the use of technology, both in schools and at homes, it is becoming evermore important that we as teachers (and pre-service teachers), ensure that our students understand the importance of using the internet safely and are aware of the risks associated with technology. We can do this by making students aware of cyber safety, cyber awareness and cuber security. Cyber safety can be explained much in the same way as everyday safety. If a child is approached by a stranger online, they should not engage, they should not tell the stranger any personal information, they should not accept any gifts from them and they should tell a trusted adult about the encounter. Cyber awareness can be taught to introduce students to the hazards that are present in the online community. They need to be made aware of the web pages they visit, the information they are sharing or downloading and the audience it may be shared with. They can be taught this through interactive classroom sessions, making lists of their favourite social media sites and what information they share there. This can then lead into a discussion of who they are connected with, or rather how many people this information is able to reach and how they can ensure their identities and personal details remain private. Finally, as technology is such a big part of our students worlds, we need to ensure that they understand the importance of cyber security and how to protect their devices from possible intruders. Teaching them good practices when using technology in the classroom, such as simply logging out of websites and computer systems, turning off the WiFi connections when not in use and turning off the device (iPad or laptop) after each use, can help to ensure their safety outside of the classroom. For older students, they can be taught the importance of firewalls and anti-virus software and hardware.

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