Unit 2: Task

Cyber security involves the use of preventative measures to cease potential attacks against personal devices and information. Cyber awareness on the other hand, involves the building of knowledge, and understanding the attitudes and behaviours that can aid the protection of personal information online. This includes knowing about data and its uses and misuses, the benefits of two factor authentication, and being aware of the policies and procedures of online companies and what information they use to tailor marketing to you. Cyber safety differs from awareness and security as it involves the conscious monitoring of behaviour while using online platforms including being respectful of authors and giving credit where it is due, being considerate of respectful language while collaborating online, and being aware of the validity and reliability of websites and other sources etc.

It is vital that students are well versed in these skills as the world moves further towards a more digital landscape. People rely on the use of the internet to perform everyday tasks and more recently, due to the covid-19 pandemic, to perform their jobs. Such skills will allow students to interact online in a manner that is both safe for themselves and for those they collaborate with.

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