Unit 2 Task – Nelson Liang

As mentioned in unit 1 & 2, there are discrete similarities and differences between cyber security, cyber awareness, and cyber safety. Cyber security is the practice of protecting computers, networks, programs, and data from digital attacks. Cyber awareness is the knowledge, attitudes, and behaviors that aim to protect our information assets. Cyber safety is all about understanding, managing, and collaborating online safely and responsibly.

With this generation becoming more technologically advanced, it is essential that as pre-service teachers, we are developing a foreground of how to teach concepts such as this in our future classrooms. Young children in this generation are exposed to a wide range of technological devices, social networks, and the internet. With this exposure, children may be putting themselves in danger without them even knowing to potential hackers, attackers, cyber spys, etc. By providing students with the knowledge of concepts such as cyber security, cyber awareness, and cyber safety, students will be more prone to be safe when engaging with technologies.


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