Unit One

An activity that can be used in the classroom for grades 1-4 is one a teacher of mine used in their classroom to tackle the issue of exploring private and public information sharing. An activity almost identical can also be found on a blog post written by Jeff Knutson on the blog site ‘Common sense education’ Link: https://www.commonsense.org/education/articles/how-to-teach-your-students-to-think-before-they-post). The run down of the activity is providing students with examples of personal and private information and asking them to differentiate them into the two categories. The examples provided can be changed per year level as to what is appropriate. This activity allows the students to decipher and think logically about what they believe is information that can be shared with anyone (E.g. ‘My favourite colour/fruit…) and what information can not be shared (E.g. ‘My address is….). Whilst the students will be learning about the types of information there is and what they entail, this activity will allow the classroom teacher to evaluate students understanding and what areas need to be focused on more heavily.

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