Unit 2 – Question 1

To ensure that students are safe and protected on the web, they need to be taught the different concepts and skills needed to protect them. Cyber Security, Cyber Awareness, and Cyber Safety although are related and interconnected, all cover a different concept when it comes to ensuring students are safe online. These concepts all need to be taught in the classroom as our world around is quickly becoming more advanced and technological.

Cyber Security focuses solely on protecting our devices and personal online forum accounts from cyber-attacks. In order to teach this concept to students, they need to be informed about the different security controls and protective services available to help in advancing their cybersecurity. In doing this, students need to be taught how the products can protect them from attacks as well as how they may be able to secure their information safely. This correlates with cyber Safety.

Cyber Safety has a large focus on ensuring that people are behaving as good digital citizens when they are interacting and collaborating in an online forum. This is a highly important concept as students need to be taught how to use the technology responsibly and safely ensuring that their personal information and that of others are kept private. Students need to be taught how to interact responsibly online through where they save their passwords, what passwords they use to sharing personal information such as email, phone numbers, and addresses. This then relates to cyber awareness,

Cyber awareness focuses on the knowledge, attitude, and behaviors that students develop to protect their private information and data. Understand cyber awareness ensures that the students understands all the knowledge and skills of users to avoid online threats. Understanding all the information and concepts associated with the online world is highly important in keeping students safe online.

I believe that these concepts should be integrated into students’ educations from a young age, as the world around us is developing rapidly and advancing more technologically every day.


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