Unit 2 – Question 1

Cyber security, cyber awareness and cyber safety have several similarities between each other and encompasses everything that to keep people safe online, so we can enjoy the internet’s resources of information, entertainment, and social media. However, there are key differences between each term that makes them quite unique. To begin with, cyber security refers to the physical operation of the computers, networks, programs, and data which help people keep their important data confidential and available when needed. Whereas, cyber safety assists in managing and collaborating online safely and responsibly, as well as regarding the emotional and psychological impact of what you are viewing. Lastly, cyber awareness is about building knowledge of how to protect information and information systems by creating strong passwords or two factor authorisation (2FA) or building awareness of malicious attacks.

As we view the world today, technology is transforming society and making a significant impact to how we live and work. Technology is rapidly changing the way we share, and process information creating new opportunities to learn, understand new information and solve problems. Therefore, it is important to begin this process of learning in early primary years to ensure students recognise the importance of developing skills and build their knowledge of online safety. The Australian Computing Academy created a cyber security card game to assess the risks of online sharing. I believe this is an excellent approach of providing students content regarding online safety and enables them to problem solve whether to share or be cautious with different pieces of information.

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