Unit 2: Task 1

Cyber security, cyber safety and cyber awareness are all linked to the online world. Cyber security involves the security of information that is used online. Cyber safety involves the protection of the people who are going online and cyber awareness is the knowledge about how to be safe and responsible online.

These topics should all be taught in the classroom as technology is becoming a way of teaching and learning. Cyber safety and cyber awareness should be taught to more of she extent, as some students don’t know how to be safe online. If students are aware of what they need to look out for online, to ensure their safety, it will allow them to have a positive experience when going online.

If cyber awareness is being taught in the classrooms, it will lead to cyber safety as students can be more aware of their surroundings and people they talk to online. This is an important part of teaching technology as students need to understand the impact that it could have on them if their private information is leaked. This will all then lead to cyber security where students will learn how their private and public information is being secured.

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