Unit 2 Task

Video for younger students about Privacy Online: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0-CiVZt6BrE

Cyber Security: The practice of protecting computers, networks, programs and data from digital attacks.
Cyber Awareness: The knowledge, attitudes and behaviours that aim to protect our information assets
Cyber Safety: Safe and responsible use of Information Communication Technologies.

In terms of teaching this is the classroom, I have never been required to teach anything to do with technologies while on Professional Experience Placement. I have not seem any teacher involve themselves with this kind of information and learning in the classroom. I believe this should be taught more regularly as students, as young as Prep, are now required to use digital technologies while at school.

To introduce networks into the classroom and make it tangible or visible for primary students, I think posters would be a good start, especially in the library/computer labs. Also, a dedicated 30 mins a week to go over this critical information in class as proper learning would be beneficial for all students across the board.

For younger students, a simple game on a whiteboard with pictures or words could be good for helping them see which information of theirs is Public and Private. It could even be personified so that they can see with their own information, why somethings are public and some are private. Older students however could create coding games using SCRATCH where students answer questions to whether a piece of information is either public or private.


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