Unit 2 Task


Key differences between cyber security, cyber awareness and cyber safety:

  • cyber security – protecting from digital attacks
  • cyber awareness – our knowledge and attitudes that aim to protect our information
  • cyber safety – using ICT safely and responsibly


Ways to teach in the classroom

  • ensuring students know the difference between private and public information and what type of information is safe to share on the internet
  • having a good understanding of the different interconnected devices and what each is used for
  • coding and decoding
  • using the internet appropriately and responsibly


Introducing computer networks in the classroom

  • I would begin introducing computer networks informally throughout the school day by using the correct terminology while using computer networks so that they are familiar with the names for common devices such as keyboard, printer, mouse etc.
  • For younger years I would make it more interactive and give them photos or even physical objects to sort into the four different sections: Wired, Wireless (Bluetooth), Wireless (WiFi) and Not Connected then discuss them as a class


Resource for Public and Private information:

I found this video that discusses the difference between public and private information that may be useful.


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