Unit Three – Question Three

3. Find and share a resource to support teaching students in primary years about information sharing or safe communication. Include a brief description.


I have found a resource for young students the Australian Government eSafety Commissioner has created to develop students knowledge around staying safe online by following characters and stories in the Hector’s World videos.

On this online resource their are seven lesson plans organised under the themes of: Protecting personal information, computer security and cyberbullying.

As the educator you can ‘view the episodes with your class and use the provided lesson plans as a guide to enforce key learning objectives’. You are also able to access and print student worksheets, flash cards, story books, and song sheets to enhance the learning experience.

Additionally, if students wish to work through at their own pace or at home, their is an accessible link to a student homepage to allow them to explore on their own.


-Rhylee Parsons

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