Unit 2

Cyber security, cyber awareness and cyber safety are all closely related with one another. Cyber security is the practice of protecting computers, networks, programs and data from digital attacks. Skilled professionals are hired to design technology and systems that helps prevent software and hardware from being accessed by unwarranted people. Cyber awareness is the knowledge, attitude and behaviours that aim to protect our information assets. Cyber awareness allows people to understand the likeliness of an attack occurring if their digital devices are not protected – it allows them to understand the possibility of cyber threats. By being aware of the potential risks, people can secure their digital devices with strong passwords and authentication, have virus protections, and have up to date policies and procedures. Cyber safety ensures that there is a safe and responsible use of information communication technologies. In order to be cyber safe, cyber security and awareness needs to be evident. Cyber safety ensures people are applying a code of ethics, applying safe settings to their devices, being careful with their devices and tools, and being safe and secure with all information that they encounter or put online.

I believe that the most important aspect that students should learn is the cyber awareness, so that they can understand the importance of having secure digital devices. By teaching the students about cyber awareness, they will be encouraged to create passwords for their devices and to be safe online.

When introducing new topics, I believe that videos are a useful resource to use. The following resource will allow students to understand what computer networks are and how they work:



To teach students how to identify the difference between private and public information, the following video could be used:


Once this video is played to the students, a possible activity would be to provide them with a list of information (in this list will contain private and public categories). Students are to identify which category belongs to the public information and which category belongs to the private information. (e.g. identifying whether your name is private or public, same with date of birth, etc.)

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