Unit 3 – Option 3

For a general aim in teaching cryptography, this site has some great check points


Challenges to test cryptographic knowledge; being able to code is recommended.


For a more hand-held/out-of-school time activity, the grok learning activity 3.3 would work; however, when I did it, it felt more like an introduction to python and data science than cryptography specifically (which is not necessarily a bad thing).


Learn some basic python and data science.


Since both those resources are down the “Digital Technologies” avenue, students could watch a youtube video demonstrating the importance. I would recommend watching The Imitation Game for demonstration on how important cryptography is in data security–however, the historical inaccuracies may not allow it to be a “good” resource.

The Imitation Game follows an abridged and stylised version of Alan Turing’s life and the breaking of the Enigma Code.

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