Unit 2

There are many ways humans can leave traces of information without realising with the use of everyday technologies. Using social media platforms is a prime example of how humans leave significant traces of personal information online for anyone to find and see. Social media apps such as the popular Tik Tok, require you to film something in order to make a post on the app, many video posts include the backgrounds of peoples homes, schools, neighborhoods, cities and countries, this is information that can be used to track where someone lives. Instagram is another big example of information sharing, as it has the option to share the location of where your photo or story may have been taken, this is the case for many other social media apps such as; Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Pinterest, Snapchat and many many more. One app that roughly 248 million people use and may not realise is sharing information to others is Spotify. Spotify is an app available that allows you to listen to music anywhere and anytime, people have the ability to follow you on this application and they can then access at any time (even without following you) what music you like and listen to, as well as real time information as to what music you are listening to at that very instance. Humans are always sharing their personal information without even realising it, and its important as a pre-service teacher to educate my future students of all the ways our private information can be targeted and used against us.

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