Unit 2 Response

I believe the following video is beneficial to primary students in educating them about private and public information:


The video is simplistic and clearly defines to students what personal information is and what should be shared on the internet and what should not be shared on the internet.

A lesson activity that could be done could involve an ‘internet guess who’. Specifically, the teacher would have students complete two versions of this game. Firstly they would complete a game where they provided private information about themselves in which the other students had to ‘guess who’ the person was that was sharing the information. The second game would require students to only share public, unspecific data about the individual in question to which the class would have to ‘guess who’ the person is. By doing this activity, the students should recognise the difference in ease in being able to identify who the individual is in the first round compared to the second round. This could be comparable to the online world where the more private information that is shared the more identifiable a person can become.

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