Unit 3 – Nelson Liang

What other interesting examples of codes from history or the modern-day (digital or non-digital) can you find to inspire or support a lesson about encoding and decoding messages?

An interesting activity to engage students in encoding and decoding messages is formulating a lesson on coding using emoji’s. Being that our students are living in technology based environment where social media is prominent, students will have been exposed to emoji’s when talking to their friends and peers through social media. Adapting this idea into the classroom may be engaging as students can use these emojis to portray emotions and ideas through story telling.

  • Tell a story. Sometimes it’s hard to tell what each emoji is communicating. Tell a story of the situation where you’d use each of these emojis.
  • Name it. Give a name to the feeling behind each of these emojis. Explain to you friend. Did you come up with different answers?
  • Practice. Can you make a silly face? What about a confused one? Can your friend guess which emoji you’re trying to do?
  • Design. Make your own emoji. Think about a feeling you’ve had and how to make it into an emoji. Use materials like paper, cardboard and glitter.



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