Unit 4 – Breah Emmerton

Here I have attached a link for an engaging animated YouTube video that teaches students about the importance of creating strong passwords for their online accounts, phones and computers. The character at the start of the video had simple/predictable passwords which were displayed all around their computer screen, and another character from the video then begins discussing the importance of the ‘4 step system’ of how to create a strong, safe and reliable password. Step 1 highlights the importance of having a phrase that is meaningful to you and you can remember. Step 2 is using the first letter of each word to make a nonsense word. Step 3 is to then include a few numbers. Step 4 is to add a special character such as an exclamation mark. Overall, I believe that this video would be beneficial to show students about how to create strong passwords to ensure that privacy is protected.

Here is the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IhlXtBNNuKs

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