Hi everyone,

My name is Amanda and I teach Mathematics.  Due to a timetabling ‘glich’ several years ago, I was asked to teach the digital technology elements of the NSW Maths Syllabus to all Year 7 students at my school, one period a fortnight.  It has been fabulous.

When creating lessons I follow my school’s scope and sequence for Maths, but also embed Computational, Algorithmic, Critical and Creative Thinking and Coding.  I love it!  I only see each class for this once a fortnight as we have a fortnightly timetable, but it is really nice to teach.  As it isn’t a traditional maths lesson, the kids are not as anxious and generally more relaxed, and they engage in a different way.

I want to learn more about Cyber Security to embed a bigger variety of activities into my program.

I hope everyone really enjoys the course.

best wishes


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