Unit 1 – Introduction

Hi, my name is Nicole Ghensi and I am a pre-service teacher, studying at James Cook University. I live in Far North Queensland.

My learning goals for this course include; a greater understanding of how to be cyber safe, including what preventative measures I can implement to my students to ensure there online information is kept safe and the issues that can arise if they are not cyber safe. I want to be made aware and understand the importance of cyber security for myself and for my students.


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    Hi Nicole,

    It is wonderful that you doing all that work for your degree and are still taking on extra courses on Cyber Security. Great work! This will be wonderful for your students. I am a high school teacher in Sydney (teaching Maths) and I see a huge range of digital technology ability in students in Year 7.

    I can vouch for the strong correlation of students who have had primary teachers who are confident in their knowledge of digital technologies and the higher abilities of those students in this subject.
    I hope that you really enjoy this course.

    best wishes