Unit 3

You need to be aware of the data you share online and how this data can be access or used.

Your smartphone knows your exact location. You can post on social media platforms, such as Instagram or Facebook which can automatically geo-tag your location. Some people may use specific apps to record their fitness journey. These apps can share your fitness achievements on social media platforms. This can include their exact map and time when you go running.


Many sites ask for a security question. A simple scan of a person’s Facebook can show information such as date of birth; children’s age and school; mothers maiden name or name of pets. You may not even be aware of the metadata that can be available to strangers when you post an image online. This can include the exact time and location you took the image, as well as technical information on which type of phone you own.


Online gambling sites and apps are a heaven for hackers and prone to security breaches. These sites hold data which include your banking information and have, generally, less protection then major online banking sites. Be ware of chatting to strangers on online gambling platforms or links which take you to outside sites.


People need to be careful about the information they share online. Becoming critical and making informed decisions around our online habits is essential.

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