Unit 3: Task – Keypad

Question 2

A modern coding system that can be seen by most mobile phones today is the 12-key keypad. A 12-key keypad is the mapping of 26 alphabet characters to the 12 keys positioned on the phone. One numeric button corresponds to 3 or 4 alphabet characters on the keypad. Some companies take advantage of this coding system by incorporating a word in the phone number. For example 1300 PAINT (you would press the number that has that letter within it – 1300 72468). You could also use the keyboard to make messages for example, I could say Casey (my name) by pressing 2, 3 times, 1 once, 7 four times, 3 twice and 9, 3 times – it could look something like this; 222 2 7777 33 999.

This would be a great example to use in the classroom as the majority of the students would have seen it before and would love to give it a try! We could encode and decode messages quite easily.


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