Task 4

Share your thoughts on what you imagine to be the future of cyber attacks. Consider the types of information we store and share online today. What information will hackers try to get in the future? What approaches do you think they will use?

With the world becoming more technological advanced, we need to start preparing ourselves for future cyber attacks. With everybody’s personal life being shared more and more online everyday, it is becoming more difficult to be invisible and safe in the online world. With more businesses and ways of communication becoming all online, it is near impossible to keep your personal information off the web. Your information such as your name, address, phone number and even bank details are all being stored online today. It is only inevitable that more of our life and information will be online. Currently people are making their homes more advanced by creating smart homes which all run on technology. In the future, cyber attacks may be aimed towards these homes with the goal of taking control of the homes devices and appliances. With our lives becoming more entwined with the internet, it is giving criminals more and more opportunities to take over and control peoples lives.

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