Unit 2: Task

The benefits associated with cyber security, cyber awareness and cyber safety can be common. Cyber security relates to protecting your computer and programs, cyber awareness creating strong passwords and becoming aware of permanent online data. Finally, cyber safety is managing to cite original author and applying safe settings and code of ethics. When it comes to teaching these three different cyber terms in the classroom, it is important to demonstrate appropriate security measures and behaviours when operating a computer. However, cyber security and awareness are the most important terms and relate to the thinking skills in digital technologies.

When it comes to teaching students about the appropriate cyber security and awareness measures it is important to show them in a visual or moving way. Social media is becoming so very popular in the primary school students and they should be taught how to use these programs safely and protect their own identity and online data. This clip would be helpful in teaching this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w9vF_b4F2wI

These two books: ‘The Tweeting Galah’ and ‘The Surfing Penguin’  contain short stories about how the students view and post appropriately and how to use the internet safely for online games.

The Tweeting Galah | Cyber and Internet Safety Books for Children

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