Unit 5 Cyber Ethics

Finding reliable and helpful resources that educational and interactive are hard to come by, when searching for a resource that provided students with knowledge about cyber ethics and being cyber safe I found one website by the name of “Savvy Cyber Kids”. Savvy Cyber Kids is an excellent resource that can be used by educators and parents to give insight and educate our students on what it means to be cyber safe and follow simple cyber ethic guidelines. The website provides educators with online interactive books that students can read to themselves. There are three books on the website under the educators tab that are free to the public, these books wish to instill this message “deliver online safety and screen time balance messages to kids ages 3-7 years old.” (Savvy Cyber Kids). Bellow I will insert pictures of this resource as well as include a link to the website.

Link: https://savvycyberkids.org/


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