Internet Security

Understanding cyber security at a young is valuable skill for our students to have now more than ever. As technology advances and more and more devices are released into the world, our students are more than likely to get there hands on multiple devices. Therefore, teaching them importance of keeping a strong password would useful skill for them to learn. The lesson is called “Password Power-Up”. Beginning – At the start you ask students where they may use passwords in everyday life (bike locks, diaries, chests, etc). Then you discuss digital technology (phones, tablets, computers, etc). Middle – During the middle phase of the lesson students complete a ‘cloze’ activity of things that may go wrong when ‘weak’ passwords get exposed. End – During the end phase of the lesson you get students to create a series of strong passwords, the teacher can then enter it into the a “password checker” to determine whether it is strong or weak. I believe this is a fantastic learning opportunity for students engage in so they can be more aware of cyber security.

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