Unit 3 – Question 3

Find and share a resource to support teaching students in primary years about information sharing or safe communication. Include a brief description.

Information sharing is vital to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children, students and parents. Awareness of sharing data is an important aspect for everyone’s lives. Furthermore, the URL posted below contains a website from the Australian Government website eSafteyCommissioner that provides an activity resource for lower/upper primary level students. Hector’s World is an activity where students embark through various animated videos, offering students practical guidance on staying safe, privacy and sharing personal information. One activity included in Hector’s World is a resource where students are required to learn about protecting their personal information. The overall objective for students is to learn about their personal information – what is it, who should it be shared with and how it is collected and managed. Ultimately, this resource further develops students understanding of the types of information digital systems collect and manage.


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