Unit 3 – Question 2

Several years ago the Australian Association of Maths Teachers, AAMT, had a focus on codes and cyphers.  AAMT published two documents for Caesar cypher and Scytale cyphers.

Here is the link to my google drive file for the Caesar Cypher Wheel:


Here is a link to the Scytale black line master https://drive.google.com/file/d/1FDh75qt0m3q4V7vBSFVSZku7dvTWVtu7/view?usp=sharing


I find that students love a good story.  The story of the Enigma code is one that is really engaging. This video is about how the amazing bravery of three sailors who helped to break the Enigma Code. This video is a bit grim, but shows how important code breaking was in WW11. Amazingly, these Enigma machines were commercially available to buy in the decade leading up to the war and many countries had them. However, the Germans modified them to make the coded messages that theirs produced extremely difficult to break by adding extra wheels.

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