Unit 5 – Cyber Ethics

A resource that can be used in the classroom for teaching a topic related to cyber ethics is Savvy Cyber Kids. Since 2007, Savvy Cyber Kids has been helping parents and teachers educate children in cyber safety, cyber ethics and other aspects of their daily tech lives. Savvy Cyber Kids offers a platform of free educational resources for preschool through high school students in two tracks: one for families, and one for educators (Savvy Cyber Kids, 2020).

The website has various lesson plan ideas, posters and books. Shown in the image below is three books for children that can be purchased online. The ‘Savvy Cyber Kids at Home’ book series rely on the element of play – with pictures, rhymes and the help of the Savvy Cyber Kids Super Heroes, Cyber Thunder (Tony) and Cyber Princess (Emma) – to deliver the message of online safety before children start playing in a virtual world. Just as young children are taught the rules of the road – look both ways before you cross – online safety rules are the best delivered by parents and trusted teachers in the home or classroom (Savvy Cyber Kids, 2020).



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