Unit 4 – question 1 examples of scams

Scenarios – could be emails or links on Twitter:

  • Helping a charity – malware link disguised as a donation link
  • ‘I forgot to send you this file’ (actually happened to me on my messages on my mobile phone today). Link was in the message. I deleted it straight away – unknown sender.
  • Going to uni – alternate pathways – hurry offer only lasts one hour! Click on link to find out more.

Example of Fake Scam Email:

(insert photos of global warming, people suffering, fancy heading, a few sentences)

What can you do to help reduce Global Warming?  Complete this quick quiz www.helpreduce.org/quiz  (the link will have malware in it)

I can recommend this resource.  I used this in a Year 8 Maths Data lesson on fake and misleading data. Created a great class discussion:

Tree Octopus website: https://zapatopi.net/treeoctopus/

Link to North West Tree Octopus lesson plan:  http://nortonbcs.weebly.com/uploads/1/6/0/0/16007664/pacificnorthwesttreeoctopus-lessonplan.pdf

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