Unit Two – Task Two

Explain what you think are some of the key differences between cyber security, cyber awareness and cyber safety. To what extent are you teaching these in the classroom or to what extend do you think they should be taught and why?

Cyber security, cyber safety and cyber awareness are all closely interchangeable, however all have their own specific focus and definition. Cyber security is a practice of protecting computers, networks, programs and data from digital attacks through security design, controls and protection. All people play a critical role in cyber security, specifically people who create it, protect it and use it.
Where as, cyber safety is the safe and responsible usage of information and communication technologies. It is the idea of behaving like good digital citizens when interacting and collaborating online and when using technologies. Therefore, it involves practicing safe behaviours using knowledge and skills we adopt to ensure safety.
Cyber awareness is the ability to understand potential threats to safety and the knowledge of skills to users to avoid the threats. A way to increase awareness is through education.

As a teacher is vital I educate my students on cyber security and cyber awareness, but particularly cyber safety as our world is becoming increasingly dependent on technologies for education and cyber safety is a way to protect my students from cyber risks and sharing the wrong information. Students love watching videos, they love to engage with technology, so I would engage my students in the following video
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NKb0S3laHhk. In which students can then go and complete an activity in which brainstorm different types of data and categories them in private/personal or ‘okay to share with friends’ groups to prompt further thinking of what is acceptable information to share on the internet.


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