Task 4: Digital Systems

Past and present technologies.

A great example of past and present technologies can be seen with telephones. Almost all students have access to smart phones, where as, back in the day, phones where limited to households, and in many cases, even a public telephone. Students can be shown how in order to reach someone, they had to be there at the time of the call, if they were not, you would simply have to try again later; no messages or texts to notify them that you called. For many students, this is a foreign concept.


Another example could be with the first computers. The limited applications and the general massive size of a computer where astounding, yet today, computers can be as compact as a tablet, smart phone or even a smart watch. The way that technology is taking over is phenomenal.


Even watches, first we had clocks in our houses and classrooms, then they developed wrist watches, then digital wrist watches, and now most watches today can be synced to your mobile and track your fitness, heart rate and location.

There are many different examples that can be used to show students how rapidly and vastly technology has developed.

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