Unit 2- The 3 Main Components.

The difference between cyber security, cyber awareness and cyber safety if important to clarify with students. Although these three components all link together to ensure a child’s protection on the internet, each component has a different key idea.

  • Cyber Security protects peoples information and data from online attacks.
  • Cyber Awareness is the knowledge of being courteous with personal information to ensure it is kept private.
  • Cyber Safety is putting cyber awareness into practice and safely keeping information and data private and using technology responsibly.

All three components work together to ensure data and private information is kept safe and secure. In a classroom I am not teaching these at all as I am a pre-service teacher. However, I work at an afterschool program and the importance of teaching cyber safety in that environment is vital. Regularly there are conversations about social media or internet access and I always respond with appropriate answers which educate the children on their safety and guide them with what to do in difficult cyber situations.


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