Unit 4 Task – Strong password generator

Activity:  Strong password idea generator (For school login)

Time: 15 minutes

Remind students no to share their passwords with one another! – explain why!

Step 1: As a class brainstorm word ideas (some examples are provided on the first figure) – draw a mind map

Step 2: Provide the students 2 minutes to think of a number idea INDIVDUALLY – Remind students not to share their ideas

Step 3: Brain storm as a class different symbols (some examples are provided in the second figure) – draw a second mind map

Step 4: Instruct students to write their passwords down on a sticky note (choosing a word idea, a number idea and 1 or more symbols)

Step 5: Display the second figure and instruct students to highlight their passwords according to the figure (yellow – uppercase letters etc)

Step 6:  Allow students to reflect – do you have all the colours highlighted on your password? If not, make your password stronger! What are you missing?

Teacher may want to collect the sticky notes (making sure students have their names on them) and record the passwords in case the students forget – remind students its ok to let a trustworthy adult know the passwords (e.g. parent, teacher)


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