Unit 2: Cyber security, awareness and saftey

Cyber security, cyber safety and cyber awareness are all ideas surrounding staying safe online. These three subheadings however contain distinct differences throughout.

Cyber security is the protection of your computer, data, network and programs through computer science technologies. eg. strong testing systems or innovations such as biosecurity and firewalls. For this to be effective cyber security specialists are needed as not many people have the knowledge to protect themselves in this way.

Cyber awareness is more specifically about what the individual can do to prevent cyber threats. To be aware in this way however the individual must seek knowledge, attitudes and behaviours that can minimise potential online risks as much as possible. Examples of cyber awareness include creating strong passwords and being aware of facts eg. data is permanent.

Finally cyber safety is much more of a community based domain in which we are encouraged to responsibly manage online safety collaboratively. Citing authors work correctly and considering our ‘digital footprint’ are two examples of this.


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