Unit 2: Exploring Private and Public Information Sharing Classroom Resource

Back when I was a primary school student, I remember social media like Facebook being trendy and cool. I immediately made an account and added all the people I know and could find. I also wanted to share many of my interests because I wanted to connect with people and be known. Eventually, I added people I didn’t know or vice versa, as friends. It didn’t strut me as a young digital technology newbie at the time that the information I shared could compromise my identity and privacy. Luckily, as a slightly more knowledgeable adult, I have since been more wary and discerning of private and public sides of myself.

It is pivotal for students who are transitioning into or are already using digital devices and networks to know how to be discerning about the data they input in websites. I found a grade 4 lesson plan developed by Common Sense Media. Students learn to identify why people share their information online, explain the difference between private and personal information and why it’s risky to share private information online. To access the lesson plan, you need to make an account. Still, I would recommend doing so because the website has many useful resources with a relevant and meaningful cause.

Link: https://www.commonsense.org/education/digital-citizenship/lesson/private-and-personal-information


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