Unit 2: Key Differences

I need to begin with the proviso that I am a pre-service teacher, so I am not currently teaching any of these concepts in the classroom but can at least discuss the degree to which I consider them important educational topics.

The way I understand the three areas of cyber-fluency discussed in this course is one of overarching interconnectedness; where there appears an ostensibly clear separation between each philosophy, but where there exists a reliance of each section upon the other for each to function wholly. Cyber security provides the secure network framework, cyber awareness upholds this secure framework through a critical understanding of how these systems work to keep us safe, and cyber safety concerns itself with understanding how to utilise these systems and not unknowing provide the information that they aim to help us protect.

In terms of teaching these concepts in the primary classroom, I think that the most time and effort should be spent focusing on cyber safety with elements integrated from the sphere of cyber awareness. I don’t disagree that understanding cyber security is important for students, but until they have the knowledge and skills to keep themselves safe in the online areas that they primarily inhabit, exploring the more nuances areas of network security need only be done in a cursory way. It is absolutely imperative that students be given the opportunity to develop the skills required to engage critically and safely with their online data and information.

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