Unit 2: Question 1

Cyber security is all about the practice of protecting data online. This involves the technologies and systems that are in place to protect data. This could be bio-security or encryption. People play a major role in this through designing security methods and using them.

Cyber awareness is based on knowledge, behaviour and awareness of ways to stay safe online. This is achieved through education and training rather than through a program or system like cyber security. This is different to cyber security as it relates to awareness of the person not so much the technology.

Cyber safety is the safe and responsible use of ICT. This is all about working ethically with others and content online. This is different to cyber awareness as it is less focussed on personal awareness and personal protection and more on the way we interact ethically and collaborate online.

The key differences between these three factors is how they help us protect ourselves online and the method that is used do this. They each relate to different ways and actions we take to be cyber safe and different skills

I think it is important to teach all three in the classroom as they each relate to different factors of online safety. Teaching cyber security should inform students of the various systems they can use to protect their data. I think the main focus should be on cyber awareness and cyber safety as these relate directly to knowledge and actions of the person. These are important to teach so students know how to be safe online, through password creation and protecting data, as well as act ethically and safely online. Through teaching these in the classrooms we can ensure our students have the knowledge and skills to be safe online.

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