Unit 4: The Future of Cyber Attacks

Digital technology is always growing, and our lives now and, in the future, rely a lot on digital technology. With my sci-fi imagination, the new era of cyber-attacks might be about retrieving information that is found on our physical bodies. For instance, fingerprints are unique identifications of ourselves, no one has the same fingerprints, but I imagine, what if in the future, our method of identification is through that? Can someone infiltrate an online vault containing all the fingerprint data of people from around Australia and use it as a form of identity theft?

Here’s a YouTube clip of the movie Gattaca that contains the concept of fingerprints as identifications: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q-loBxmnbl0

Building onto that idea, perhaps cybercriminals will pay people in real life to rob someone’s fingerprints and use it (I’ll leave it up to everyone’s imagination). Or, would they forge a fingerprint?

Here’s another YouTube clip about using an alternative fingertip. A little context, the character is trying to erase as much of his original fingerprints in the shower as possible by sanding it off. Then, they will stick on a silicone fingertip (not theirs by the way) and adopt someone else’s identity: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Fq1AzIRKnM

I’ve seen online clips of people using the fingers of sleeping phone owners to unlock their phones. While it may seem funny, if you think about it, someone could do the same thing to you. Maybe I should sand off my fingerprints. This idea may be straying away from cybersecurity. Still, it’s interesting to think about how intertwined our real and online persons can be.

I found a quick article about hacking using biometric passwords: https://www.cybertalk.org/2019/11/15/20-minutes-or-less-and-hackers-can-weaponize-your-biometrics/

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