Unit 5: Cyber Ethics

One topic I believe that wasn’t covered adequately in cyberethics is the roles of cyberbullying. As we know, once you share it stays out there. This means that even if a hurtful comment is deleted, it can still be recovered. Additionally, evidence not just from a bully but from bystanders who reinforce or assist bullies or maybe people who defend victims will always be on the internet. I think there needs to be a bigger focus on consequences for bullies on the internet, rather than just focusing on logging off or ignoring them. While these are very valid strategies, students do need to understand that while the internet may seem or feel imaginary, their hurtful words and actions impact real-life people. This is so important in cybersecurity and ethics because the internet is a very real and prevalent aspect of our lives, but at the same time, it is condensed into machines prompting students to possibly believe that consequences from real life don’t apply there. We need to encourage and inform students about actions, consequences and good decisions on the internet like we do in real life.

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