Unit 5: Top 5 Online Codes of Ethics

My top five codes of ethics statements for using technology in an online workspace:

1. Be mindful of data input

Don’t pretend to be who you’re not; keep an element of authenticity about yourself that allow online people to know you are genuine. However, do not confidently share everything about yourself in an online space. Differentiate between private and public. Provide personal information only if necessary and safely so.

2. Be kind and respectful

Being online does not permit anyone to be rude. Treat others how you want to be treated. Or, make certain parties involved are speaking and treating each other in a manner on agreeable terms.

3. Zero-tolerance to cyber-bullying

If you follow the code of being kind and respectful, this code shouldn’t exist. However, there are individuals out there who are still exploiting and abusing online platforms to hurt someone—unnecessary actions. Make someone’s day great, not dampen it.

4. Responsible behaviour

The actions you make online is as relevant as your actions offline. Don’t do things like taking credit for someone’s work or tolerate an attitude or activity that’s like a moulding vinegar that was stored away in a cabinet for 100 years. Protect yourself and others. It’s also important to remember, handle what you can handle.

5. Be a detective- do your checks

Suppose something pops up on a website saying you’re a billionaire. In that case, I’m sure there are a billion others that received the same message. Unfortunately, this pop-up is not faithful or trustworthy, as with many things online. Be discerning about what to trust and what not to trust. If it doesn’t have a lock at the URL bar or ‘https’, it doesn’t want to commit or put a ring on it (I hope you “cached” that reference).

There are many more ethic codes that I could come up with, but these are the ones that first come to my mind. It seems to reflect my priorities about being in an online space, like being respectful and responsible.

This course has been informative, and I feel more confident exploring the online space and informing others as well.  I still have much information, I need to revisit to gain a deeper understanding of, but I’m more aware now as a digital citizen.


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