Unit 3: Task #3


I have located these various videos for junior-primary students to engage with and learn simply about how to be safe online. The videos include Hector the dolphin and his friends learning how to protect their personal information and use computers and mobile phones safely. 

This simple but effective thread of 5 videos engages students thoughtfully and allows them to consider what information can be public, and what information should remain private in their lives. Specifically, that your birthday, home address and name of school should never be present on any social media profiles, and all settings should be set to the most private mode so that only close friends can access your profile and images. 

When students sign up for new games, they should consider what questions this new cyber space is asking them; are they getting too personal? What data will be collected during this game?, and are there filters to adapt for the user’s age?

Students should always ask a trusted adult before attempting to create a cyber profile to ensure they do not give away personal information when it is unnecessary or unsafe.



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