Unit 5: Task 1

My code of ethics statement will outline my mission, standards and values of how I allow myself as a professional, and how I expect my students to act when in regards to cyber safety.

  1. Think before you type – everything in cyber space is permeanant, even after it’s been deleted! 
  2. Professionalism – you will represent yourself appropriately and honestly online.
  3. Anonymity – Online users should be aware of the difference between private and public information and should choose what to share online accordingly.
  4. Human centred values – all online users should respect human rights, diversity and the autonomy of individuals (no online bullying or discrimination!)
  5. Accountability – all online users should use cyber systems carefully and take responsibility for all decisions made online.
  6. User wellbeing – online users should enjoy the opportunities of being in the cyber world, but be safe doing so!



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